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  1. "There were places, she now saw, that contained more happiness than ordinary places did. Unless you knew that such places existed, you might be content to stay where you were."

    - Matthew Thomas, We Are Not Ourselves (via quoted-books)
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  3. "Nobody likes these things life hands us. But part of becoming a man is understanding how to face them head on instead of running all the time. It’s time you learned how to do that."

    - Mira Jacob, The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing (via quoted-books)
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  5. "Just because life’s meaningless doesn’t mean we can’t experience it meaningfully."

    - Glen Duncan, The Last Werewolf (via quoted-books)
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  7. "In the dark you can feel really close to a person. You can say whatever you want."

    - Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty (via quoted-books)
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  9. "If she had learned anything in the past weeks it was that there was enough to be ashamed of in the course of a messy human life without being ashamed of loving someone."

    - Shannon McKenna, Behind Closed Doors (via quoted-books)
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